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Plan2Peak's Mission

Plan2peak is committed to being on the cutting edge of research and technology. We continue our education and use the latest information in research and the latest technology along with proven training methods to assist each and every Plan2Peak athlete reach their optimal potential. We are constantly monitoring the "training dose versus training response" of every Plan2Peak athlete to assure optimal health and training adaptations.

We evaluate and counsel each Plan2Peak athlete and work with them to set their personal, challenging yet achievable goals. From the time the goals are set and forward our athletes goals become our mission.

Plan2Peak's History and Approach

Plan2Peak's Head Coach Peter Cummings has been coaching endurance athletes for over a decade. Coach Cummings was one of the earliest adopters of not only the Trainingpeaks online coaching platform, formerly known as Trainingbible, but WKO+, formerly known as Cyclingpeaks. These coaching tools are critical to the coaching experience and are indispensable in allowing the coach to bring value to the coaching relationship. Writing a training plan is only one step in the coaching process. Actually, it is one of the very first steps in that process. There should be many more steps. Helping the athlete to define the response to the training and adjusting their training plan to what is being seen is crucial. Taking into consideration the other things happening in an athletes life that may be effecting their training is another important and valuable aspect. With Plan2Peak your coaching experience will be FAR more than just the writing of your training plan. 

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News and Events

  • Congratulation got out to Plan2Peak athlete Scott Bradley for his top 10 finish in the 70.3 Raleigh Ironman this weekend. Scott went up against a star studded field and set a personal record and grabbed 10th place for his work. Congratulations Scott. Now on to Mont Tremblant.

  • Congratulations go out to Plan2Peak athlete Sammy Moseley on receiving his Cat 1 upgrade. Not bad for a 19 year old.

  • Plan2Peak's Traci Cummings wins Buffalo Bicycling Club's Larkinville #1 Criterium and takes lead in series. After a tough 2 months of training with an injury to a disc in her neck and being diagnosed with sinusitis Traci gutted it out and took the final sprint to win race #1 in the 5 race series.