What is Coaching?

Writing a training plan is only part of coaching. Coaching is the "relationship" or ongoing “process” of planning, executing, monitoring, giving feedback and further planning. It is accomplished with an open line of honest communication and the verification that the prescribed dose of exercise is getting the planned response. The planned response is only verified by experienced and qualified individuals that can look at the data and insure the goal is being met. Unfortunately there many coaches that are charging athletes for coaching yet they are actually only capable of writing them a training plan. These coaches are not capable of the analytic side of coaching and are not able to offer their athletes the personalized direction that can be giving from that analysis. This is why as early as 2001 it was mandatory that Plan2Peak athletes use downloadable device to provide their Plan2Peak coach the data that allows us to "look inside the Black-Box" of dose/response.


As part of your coaching, Plan2Peak athletes use their downloadable power meters, GPS devices, HRM and the most advanced and complete online training system in the world, Trainingpeaks 3.0. This system allows extremely convenient and comprehensive communication between the athlete and your coach. It is the combination of regularly scheduled phone/video consultations, daily workout emails which include detailed descriptions of the workout with volume and intensity, the uploaded workout files from the athlete with athlete comments to each workout that facilitates this “process” and keeps it efficient, convenient and CONSTANT. This is NOT just a training plan.

The first step we take is to define your motivating vision and then the goals that will allow you to fulfill this vision. These goals must be your own; they should be challenging but achievable and should be well defined. Plan2Peak uses its vast experience to help guide you in your goal setting process.
Next, your very personalized training plan must be created. We take these personal goals, and make sure that your strengths, weaknesses, experience and resources (time, energy, finance, etc.) match up with you successfully achieving these goals. Only after considering all these variables will your annual training plan be created and set in place and put into motion. Your Plan2Peak coach will then create your weekly and daily workout schedule considering this “Big Picture”, and taking into account your other personal and professional responsibilities. Your detailed daily workouts will be emailed to you each day. Each email has the workouts’ duration, intensity (in HR zones, pace zones and/or Power Levels) and other very specific information (such as terrain to be used and/or cadence) you will need to MAXIMIZE the results attained from each workout. Each and every workout you do has specific goals to help you achieve your ultimate goals; you will know exactly what each workouts specific goal is. There will be no more guess work.

IMPORTANT: Each of your daily training entries (data file and comments) will be then reviewed by your Plan2Peak coach. The planning of your subsequent workouts will then made with your experience and progress taken into account. This insures you will always be working at the right intensities.

The major difference between Plan2Peaks 4 Coaching Levels is the frequency of this feedback loop and frequency of consultations. 

Coaching PlansLevel 4Level 3Level 2Level 1
Schedule Revisions (with 24 hr notification)UnlimitedOnce WeeklyOnce every 2 weeksOnce per month
Plan2Peak's Training Center Add-OnIncluded$29/Month$29/Month$29/Month
Athlete Email ContactAs neededDaily if needed2x WeeklyOnce per Week
Scheduled 30 minute ConsultationAs neededEvery WeekEvery other WeekOnce a Month
Workout's EmailedDailyDailyDailyDaily
Analysis of WorkoutsAs neededWeeklyEvery other WeekMonthly
Workout FeedbackAs neededWeeklyEvery other WeekMonthly
Nutrascreen - Nutrition EvaluationIncluded$50$50$50
Training Camp Discount$500 off/week$250 off/week$100 off/week$100 off/week
Startup Cost$500$200$200$200
Monthly Rate$499$329$249$199
Service Contract6 mth verbal commitment6 mth verbal commitmentNoneNone
More infoMore infoMore infoMore info

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